Strawberry-Apple Smoothie


And, to add to last week’s smoothie, here’s a classic. This one has been my standard for ten years or so. It’s the perfect crisp, sweet treat on a hot day. (Not that we’ve had any of those recently!)

strawberry smoothie

One thing that I like both about this and the mango-peach smoothie is that they are sweet and cool and thick, and don’t require add-ins like bananas (I’m allergic) or protein powders (always optional, but I like the all natural feel of these as-is) to thicken them up. The frozen fruit does all the thickening you need, plus it takes the temperature down a notch, naturally chilling it so that it becomes a fantastic summer treat.

And let me tell you: nothing, but nothing, beats the taste of one of these right after a hard workout!

strawberry apple smoothie recipe card