Mango-Peach Smoothie

mango-peach smoothie

It’s unseasonably cold here in New York, but my tastebuds don’t seem to care. They’re hungering for lighter, springier fare. So following my run yesterday, I satisfied them with a smoothie to end all smoothies.

I usually go in for smoothie simplicity: I’m not a big “add in” girl. Give me a few fruits, blend them together until thick and smooth, and I’m happy. And that’s just what this is: three fruits (one of them frozen for thickness) and nothing else. No extra protein powders or boosters, just sweet, yummy fruit. The highlight here is the peach, with the mango giving a nice undertone. You really don’t taste the apple here; in all honesty, I use it as a filler. It does add some sweetness, but not much flavor. But since it’s cheaper than mango and peaches, it lets you get your money’s worth.

A note about this recipe: I’ve included two different ways to do this below. The “Vitamix” method can be used with a Vitamix or another high-end, commercial blender that can make juice out of whole fruit. But if you have a standard, department store blender, use a juicer first. The object is to make a mango-apple juice before you add in the frozen peach. (Hence, the addition of water for the Vitamix method; without it, your “juice” will be too thick.) The juice is your base and the peach is your thickener.

Other than that, no special instructions needed. Just stick in a straw and enjoy!

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