Lasagna Al’Arrabiata


When you have a blizzard bearing down on you, there’s only one thing to do, in my opinion: make something warm and spicy and hunker down to enjoy. Which is just what my neighbors and I did in the wake of Nemo: we put some Taylor Swift on and got to baking.

In this case, the baking involved whole wheat lasagna noodles, fresh zucchini, frozen broccoli, and homemade arrabiata sauce. Traditionally, lasagna involves good ol’ marinara, but when have you ever known me to resist adding heat to a dish? So of course, I used arrabiata sauce, marinara’s spicier cousin. It added a nice contrast to the sweet zucchini and broccoli.


I used whole wheat pasta, which is healthier, and also adds a nice earthy flavor to the lasagna. Take note: this is a case where healthier also tastes better! Between the added flavor of the whole wheat and the spice of the arrabiata, the traditional ingredients (sweet zucchini and creamy ricotta) sing a new harmony that just works.

A quick note: usually, I try out vegan substitutes for recipes, but in this case, I stuck to non-vegan ingredients. If you try it with a vegan substitute, please leave a comment so we know how it turns out!

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