Sour Cream and Chive Smashed Potatoes

This Thanksgiving, every table will have mashed potatoes. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Truly; I love me some mashed potatoes. But are we just like everybody else? Are we ho-hum, same old dish as everyone else?

No, we are not! You and I, my friends, we are different. We demand something a little more for our tables. We want not simply to please, but to wow at Thanksgiving (and every other dinner, come to think of it). We want to redefine the classics to make them fresh and new. We want…sour cream and chive smashed potatoes!

These are creamy and tangy and yummy. They elevate themselves beyond the ordinary mashed potatoes (though you could do a mashed version of sour cream and chive potatoes). They add zing–yep, I said “zing”–to the Thanksgiving table. And they are anything but ordinary.

Earlier, I mentioned how my favorite Thanksgiving dish to prepare is cranberry sauce. Well, the smashed/mashed potatoes are my favorite Thanksgiving dish to eat, and these are by far the best version down the smashed/mashed path that I’ve had to date.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish to eat? What’s the best smashed or mashed potatoes you’ve ever had?