Spinach & Lentil Wraps

Since I was talking about great training food with you last week, I thought I’d share another of my favorites that’s good both for runners and athletes in training as well as for couch potatoes just looking for something yummy and healthy to eat.

The origin of this recipe actually goes back to 2006, when I began my first marathon training. Going from sedentary to marathon isn’t an easy feat, but one thing I noticed was that my body started craving different foods. Healthier foods. Foods that sustained me through marathon training and a job that regularly had me pulling 12 hour days and 6 day workweeks. Luckily for me, the office where I did that job was right above what is possibly the world’s best grocery store. And that grocery store carried a ready-to-heat or ready-to-eat spinach and lentil wrap that was to die for.

Flash forward six summers and I decided to make the wraps myself. It wasn’t hard, and I did a pretty fair job of it. (From what I can remember; I haven’t had them in a while because they always seem to be out of stock when I make it down to Brooklyn. Guess the secret’s out!) Regardless of how close these are in taste to the originals, these turned out finger-lickin’. The sweetness of the spinach, the nutty whole grain tortilla, and of course–the star of the show–the warm taste of the lentils. I didn’t do a lot to flavor these, instead letting the flavors of those three ingredients play with each other. Even the lemon juice isn’t very prevalent here, which is good. (For why I almost always add lemon juice to spinach dishes, check out what my nutritionist told me about greens and citrus.)

These wraps are not only packed with flavor and filling, they’re also healthy: you’ve got complex carbs from the multigrain tortillas, green goodness from the spinach, and protein from the lentils. Plus, they make a great meal when you’re on the run. (Sorry; couldn’t resist that pun!)