S’mores Truffles

Ok, I know I promised to put away the junk food as my training kicks up a notch, but really, how could I not finish perfecting the truffles I’ve been working on all summer? How could I leave you without one more S’mores-inspired recipe? That would not have been fair at all, so I decided to sacrifice for you, my dear readers, just for you. It was difficult, but I managed to power through the tremendous effort it took me to make this batch of S’mores Truffles. 😉

Yep, you read that right: S’mores Truffles! This is the grown-up version of the campfire favorite, a sophisticated nod to nostalgia that will leave you smiling and ready to sing Kumbayah. Or Hallelujah. Deep, deep chocolate flavor with a sweet marshmallow piece hiding in the center. And, of course, the crunch of crumbled graham crackers on the outside. Oh, yes, dear readers, it was a trial for me to make these, but for you, I prevailed.

One thing I want to note, since this is a vegetarian site: if you are not a vegetarian but are making these for someone who is, do not buy regular marshmallows at the store. A lot of non-vegetarians (and, actually, a few vegetarians) are surprised that marshmallows are not usually vegetarian, but sadly they aren’t because they contain gelatin. Instead, you can buy vegetarian marshmallows (which are usually labeled as “vegan” because they’re that, too) at most grocery stores, though it might be in a separate (refrigerated) area. If all that sounds overwhelming, I know that Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s carry vegan marshmallows. Just ask if you don’t see them!