Did You Know?

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the movie Annie. I watched it so many times that I can still quote every line (spoken AND sung) even though I haven’t seen the movie in years. And back then, I didn’t realize that movies weren’t true. (What do you want from me? I was four.) Imagine my surprise when I saw Daddy Warbucks as Scrooge several years later! And truth be told, I’ve never quite warmed up to Carol Burnett, which I think is because I thought she was Miss Hannigan for all of my formative years.

What’s the point? Wait–I need a point???

Ok, ok, there is a reason behind my sharing. My point is that sometimes we see things and don’t realize the subtleties. Sometimes we may even love something, and not realize that there’s so much more than what we see on the front page. And sometimes we ourselves get so caught up in doing things this way or that way that we forget to make sure that people know what’s going on beneath the surface.

I have forgotten, and I apologize. And as restitution, I am offering a few insights into this site, things that you might not know. Things that might make you appreciate Albert Finney’s rendition of the reprise of “Maybe” a little bit more. Or something.

So, here they are, today’s Wooden Spoon did-you-know’s:

1. This is a vegetarian–and mostly vegan–site. Some of you will laugh at that, but some people honestly don’t realize it, which I take as a sign I’m succeeding. You see, this isn’t just any herbivore’s blog, this one is aimed as much at meat-eaters as at vegetarians. It’s about offering choices in food for people; many people are looking for lighter, healthier fare, and thanks to the growing Meatless Mondays movement, many otherwise carnivorous folks are looking for veggie options that won’t leave them with a tofu hangover. Or perhaps you’re a meat-eater with a vegetarian coming over for dinner, wondering what to serve. Or vice versa. Point is, these recipes are for everyone to enjoy, but you won’t see any meat here. (For more information on the background of this site, check out my About page.)

2. Everything here has been made vegan at least once. I’m a “part-time” vegan, in that I go back and forth between veganism and lacto-ovo vegetarianism every 2-3 years. As such I understand how sometimes vegan substitutes don’t exactly work well. But if a vegan sub doesn’t work in a recipe, I will note it explicitly in the post; otherwise, you can assume that your favorite non-dairy sour cream or egg replacer can be used. In fact, many of the photos on this site have vegan substitutes in them.

3. You can save and/or print all the recipes on the site. Every recipe here is saved as a gif file, which makes it easy for you to right-click and either save your favorite recipe to your desktop or print it out for easy use. (Please note: if you take from my site and use it elsewhere, online or off, please email me for permission–woodenspoonblog_at_gmail_dot_com–and give me credit.)

(Did you also know that I have the world’s cutest niece and nephew? They’re budding bakers, too!)

4. You can search for recipes by ingredient, course, name of recipe, and a whole host of other ways. Just type any search term in the box on the upper-right of the page and you’ll get back a list of recipes. So if you’ve got a bunch of lemons and aren’t sure what to do with them, just type in lemon and see all my suggestions!

5. You can subscribe for free via email or RSS feed. If you’d like to receive all the recipes in your inbox or RSS feed (like Google Reader, Bloglines, etc). For an email subscription, simply type your email into the box in the top right of any page on the site and hit “submit.” For an RSS feed, click the orange button above the email subscription form. For more information on RSS feeds and how they work, both Problogger and Back in Skinny Jeans have great articles up.

6. And my subscribers are entered to win regular giveaways. I host regular giveaways on the site, mostly for subscribers. To see examples, you should check out my giveaway page. That’s also the second place I announce all my giveaways–the first place is in my subscriber emails/feeds. And there is a new giveaway coming soon, so now is the perfect time to subscribe!

So there you have it: things you probably never knew about my site. Did anybody learn anything new? And more importantly, does anyone else have the “Maybe” reprise stuck in their head? 😉