Spicy Kale Chips

My mom has been visiting this week, and we’ve done some good cooking together. We love to make quesadillas (recipe later this week, I promise!) and we’re both a sucker for chocolate so we’ve got some good sweets under our belt. But before she came up to visit, my mom mentioned to me that she didn’t like kale, and I thought, “What a shame!”

And then I thought, “I can change that!”

So here’s what I came up with to change her opinion of kale: spicy, crunchy, earthy kale chips. These are so easy to make and yet so addictive, you might want to double the batch. And what a great way to get nutrients! Kale is packed with all sorts of great stuff: calcium, vitamin C, iron, manganese, lutein…the list goes on and on. And yet, this recipe makes you forget all those things. The kick of the cayenne, the earthiness of the kale and mustard, not to mention the crunchy texture–basically, the last thing you’ll be thinking as you scarf these down is “health food!”