Mexican Salad

On Tuesday, I promised you a recipe using my Tex-Mex black beans. Bet you thought you’d get a recipe for enchiladas or something, right? It’s in the 90s here, people. I’m having trouble convincing myself to turn on the oven for anything. But I’ve got a quick and simple weeknight dinner that will fill you up and keep you cool at the same time.

This Mexican salad is sweet and cool, and takes advantage of all the wonderful produce available this season: fresh zucchini, grated to a fine texture; sweet corn, out of a can or chopped off a cobb; juicy tomatoes, cut big and bold. Add to those spinach and avocado, and of course the black beans, and you get the idea of why I say this will fill you up, despite being meat and cheese free.

The taste is also perfect for summer: it’s light and fresh and mostly raw (the corn and black beans being the exception), and though you could add a salad dressing, I dressed it just with fresh lime juice. You could get fancy and make a lime vinaigrette, but this is a lazy day recipe, so lime juice by itself works fine. And the best thing about summer is that you can take the lazy way out and not feel guilty. After all, the kids are out of school; shouldn’t you be free of work, too? 🙂