Lemon Parsley Pasta

As you probably noticed, I’m obsessed with lemon, especially this time of year. And with a heat wave hitting NYC last week, my appetite disappeared like an Italian ice on the sidewalk. I had to eat to keep myself going, but I didn’t want anything heavy, and I definitely didn’t want anything that would keep me in my (unairconditioned) kitchen for long.

And so I did my favorite thing: I threw together a pasta dish with a few ingredients I had on hand, and let me tell you, this is my new favorite. It’s light and fresh and so incredibly delicious. Sweet, and tangy and just right for summer.

I used whole wheat pasta, which I think was a large part of the success of this dish. If you have a gluten sensitivity, I think it would work well with brown rice pasta, too, but I cannot imagine plain old white pasta with this. The flavor of the lemon and parsley is so delicate, so light, that it needs the nuttiness of the whole wheat pasta to give the dish depth. And if  you’re not interested in keeping this dish vegan, toss in some parmesan–I’m sure it would be lovely.