Lemon Pepper Asparagus

You know how sometimes you get into the mode of create-create-create, and forget your tried-and-trues? Maybe that’s just me. In any case, from time to time I end up experimenting so much with food and wanting to try new things that I go without making my “standard” dishes for a long time. And then one day, a beautiful bunch of asparagus looks up at you from the produce bin at the grocery store and says, “Hey, remember me?”

Oh, yes, I remember. This dish is one that I discovered in college, while trying to make a different recipe from my favorite vegetarian cookbook of all time, Carol Gelles’ 1000 Vegetarian Recipes (full disclosure: affiliate link). Her recipe called for lemon and butter, but I had recently discovered lemon pepper seasoning, and couldn’t get enough of it. And the first time I tried it, I was enthralled.

The tart taste of the lemon and kick of the lemon pepper go so well with the sweet crunch of the asparagus and the creamy butter. Everything is balanced, everything in order. Simple, delicious, and easy to make. In other words, the perfect side. And as hot as it is these days, I’m a fan of light fare that minimizes my kitchen time. This takes about 5 minutes and you’re done. Though no one will believe that something this good requires so little effort. That’s ok; let them think you slaved away in the kitchen all afternoon to make it. Maybe that’ll convince them to do the dishes. 😉