Grilled Brussels Sprouts with Cayenne Thyme Butter

Brussels sprouts are my favorite vegetable. I realize I’m waaaay in the minority here, but I love them. Raw, steamed, roasted…anyway you cook them, I’m pretty much guaranteed to love ’em. And this recipe is no exception. While you’re throwing your other veggies on the grill, try trimming your Brussels sprouts and throwing them on there, too.

And while you’re at it, whip up some of this cayenne thyme butter. It’s unbelievable how delicious this is: sweet and spicy and earthy, all in one little package. There’s just enough cayenne to give it a little heat without overpowering; the fat of the butter keeps it from getting too hot. And the thyme! Since I’m sharing my favorites, I’ll go ahead and mention that thyme is my favorite herb. My favorite vegetable and my favorite herb together? Oh, happy day! 🙂

Don’t limit your use of this butter to just sprouts, though. I also spread it on grilled corn-on-the-cob, and it was amazing when I tossed popcorn in it. And who needs garlic butter when you can spread some of this on your baguette? Try it out and share how you used it–I’m sure all of you can come up with about a gazillion other ideas.