Potatoes with Parsley and Butter

There’s a restaurant near me that my friends and I love because of their side dishes. Whether it’s their creamy mac & cheese or the best fried okra this side of the Mason-Dixon, they’ve got a list of about twenty delicious side dishes. Most of the time, we skip the main course and just order off their list of veggies.

One of their sides that I like is a simple dish of boiled new potatoes with parsley and butter. This is the kind of dish I naturally gravitate towards: simple and yet down-home delicious. The thing is, though, unlike some of their other sides, this is one that I like but don’t love. Every time I order it, I think about how I could make it better.

So I finally decided to put my money where my mouth is, and I think I did a pretty darn good job. This version adds green onions to the mix (yum!) and cuts down on the butter, believe it or not. (The restaurant’s version is dripping with it.) And I also took my potatoes out of the water before they got too soft. The result is a fresh summer side that’s got delicate flavors and holds together, even when reheating the next day.