Jalapeno Rice

Sometimes, you need a little heat in your life. Granted, we’ve  had a lot of heat this week in NYC–temperatures in the 90s. So I decided to fight fire with fire, hence this hot little number. I love spicy foods–give me your hottest salsa or your spiciest vindaloo and I’m happy–but if you don’t love heat as much as I do, do not fear. This is a mid-level heat, not over-the-top. This won’t burn your tongue off, but it’ll very subtly let you know that there are jalapenos involved.

This is a simple dish, but full of summer flavors: the bright, sweet taste of the scallions; the heat of the jalapenos; the earthiness of the rice. Together, they make an elegant combination, one that is sure to please both sophisticated palates, and people who like more down-home cooking. Even the kiddos will love this one.

I used red jalapenos for this, mostly because I liked the color. But if you want to use green jalapenos, they would work well. The red jalapenos are usually a little sweeter, but it would be good either way. After all, how can you go wrong with a little heat in the summertime?