Red, White, and Blue Granita

Remember when you were a kid and a Sno-Cone was the height of summer cuisine? Confession time: I still kinda feel that way. I mean, really, who doesn’t love a sweet, icy treat on a hot day? Popsicles, Slushees, Sno-Cones…I love ’em all. Of course, my tastes have evolved slightly since childhood, and I try to stick to the healthier end of the food spectrum, so frozen desserts made from fresh fruit are a big draw for me nowadays.

Granita, an Italian ice dessert,  is just that: it’s light and fluffy and icy, and made with real fruit and sugar. It’s simple and delicious. And so easy to make that you won’t even mind making it in the midst of a heat wave.

I actually made three types of granita on Monday and layered them to make a patriotic red, white, and blue dessert. (Yes, I realize the blueberry granita is more purple than blue, but go with me on this one.) You’ll notice that there’s less lemon granita layered in the photo; that’s because it’s my favorite and I had a hard time not eating all of it straight from the pan! So be forewarned: you might want to make extra of the granitas, just in case you have the same problem and your guests end up short-changed! 🙂

I used my beloved juicer to make the strawberry and blueberry juices, but if you don’t have a juicer, you could use a blender. Depending on how strong your blender is, you might have to strain it to make it smoother, but it’s good to have a thick juice.

However you do it–whether you make one or all three, with a blender or a juicer–this is a fantastic and refreshing summer treat.