Mediterranean Salad

I know what you’re thinking: Seriously? A non-American dish on 4th of July weekend? Or, maybe you’re wondering why I would be promoting a warm salad in July. And written down like that, it sounds both silly and a little unpatriotic.

But hear me out: this salad is amazing. Sweet and salty, with just the right delicate balance of flavors. And, really, what’s more American than enjoying fantastic food? So, I submit that this is, in fact, the perfect 4th of July salad.

The taste here is what you’d expect: the sweet tomatoes and cucumbers, the earthy spinach, the spicy garlic, and the salty feta. Each bite hits you with a burst of flavor, and though it’s a cooked salad, it still tastes like summer.

And, though Americans’ obsession with food can often get us into trouble a la obesity-related diseases, many people say that a Mediterranean diet–rich in colorful vegetables and olive oil–can promote good health. Now that’s cause for celebratory fireworks! 🙂