Fresh Fruit Juice, Two Ways


A few years ago, I worked in the Wall Street neighborhood. There’s a lot to love about that part of New York: Battery Park, beautiful old buildings, Trinity Church, the World Trade Center site, Century 21. But my favorite place in that area was a little juice cart that used to park by Trinity Plaza (and might still park there–I haven’t been there in a while to know). During the warm months, several times a week a couple of my coworkers and I would walk over at lunch and buy juice.

It was that experience that convinced me to buy a whole fruit juicer, the kind where you can stick an entire apple down the chute and pow! fresh apple juice. And when the weather heats up, I run to the juicer as fast as my little legs will carry me. There’re very few things that get me through a hot and sticky NYC summer like a cold glass of fresh fruit juice. So today, I thought I’d bring you two recipes for the price of one. πŸ™‚

These are two of my favorite juices. In fact, the apple-strawberry-pineapple juice is exactly what I used to order from the juice cart. They’re both sweet and thick, and full of fiber to fill you up. It’s exactly like eating a plateful of fruit: don’t expect to have it as an accompaniment to a full meal; this is almost a meal by itself!

A quick note about fresh juices: they separate, as you can see in the photos above. Do not skim the froth off–that’s where the best nutrients and yumminess is. If you don’t like it, stir the juice and you’ll get a thick but not foamy juice. But, if you’re like me, you think the froth is the best part, so enjoy chugging it down.

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