Chocolate Loaf

Inspired by my successful foray into loaf cakes a few weeks ago, I decided to make a chocolate loaf this week. This recipe turned out delicious and so easy to make–it’s the perfect thing for a Tuesday night chocolate craving!

The chocolate here is tempered by the robust flavor of the whole wheat flour, which keeps the cocoa from overpowering the cake. It also makes it (sorta) healthy, a cause the applesauce aids in. If you’re craving something a little sweeter, try sprinkling powdered sugar on top of it. Otherwise, what you’re left with is a sweet, chocolate loaf that’s not too cloying or rich in taste.

One thing to note is that the batter is very thick; don’t be alarmed when you’re mixing it up! Use a spoon to help you get all of it into the loaf pan and you’ll be fine.

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