Strawberry Shortcake

Well, sort of strawberry shortcake. Purists believe that strawberry shortcake is only strawberry shortcake when you use a biscuit. When I was a kid, it was done with a spongy cake–an angel food cake or those little cake shells that you can buy at the grocery store. In my book, the “shortcake” part of the dessert has expanded through the years, and that’s fine with me. But for the purists, feel free to call this something else.

This is the perfect use for my almond scones: the nutty flavor of the scones (and their shortcake-like texture) works wonderfully next to the sweetness of the strawberries and whipped cream. And speaking of strawberries–soaking them in white chocolate liqueur gives them a rich, delicious sauce that adds a little oomph.

So, whether you call this strawberry shortcake, or whether you call this strawberry-liqueur on scones (not quite as catchy), it makes a fabulous spring dessert.

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