Whole Wheat Almond Scones

On Wednesday, I had to visit a customer out in the farthest reaches of Queens. Round-trip, my commute that day was about five hours. Three trains and a bus ride each way. Ugh.

But I did discover that after a day like that, one where you’re chasing your tail around a crowded city, there can be a bright spot: that moment when you walk in your door, head straight for your pj’s, and then curl up with a stack of homemade scones. There’s something so comforting about a scone (or three). It’s the kind of food, like mashed potatoes, that makes you feel warm and safe and nostalgic for a simpler time–while somehow making you believe that the simpler time is right here, right now.

These scones are particularly fantastic, too, because they’re almost guilt-free. Made with whole-wheat flour and almonds, the taste is deep and earthy. Sweet, but not cloyingly so. Perfect for a cloudy day, a lazy Sunday morning, or with afternoon tea. And a perfect end to a crazy, exhausting day.

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