Aromatic French Lentils

There’s been a lot of rain here recently. Off and on, nothing too bad, but it’s gotten pretty rare to have a full day of blue skies. So, even as the temperature warms up, I’m craving warm food. Comfort food. These lentils fit the bill: aromatic but not spicy, warm but not hot. Not quite spring-like, but not to be relegated only to winter, either.

These are perfect for those who can’t take (or just don’t like) heat, because while they’re full of flavor, they aren’t spicy. The cumin brings out the earthy taste of the lentils, which are complemented perfectly by the sweetness of the tomatoes. This dish can be served alone, but I found I liked it even better served over quinoa. A great protein-packed dinner that’s the perfect bridge between warm weather and cool.

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