Hummus Flatbread Sandwich

You didn’t think I was going to hand you a hummus recipe and then not give you a great way to use that hummus, did you? In all honesty, I hadn’t planned on putting this sandwich up here, but I fell in love with it and couldn’t keep it to myself.

And really, why wouldn’t I fall in love? Crunchy, toasted flatbread; sweet lemon hummus; earthy spinach and sprouts; fresh cucumber and tomatoes. What’s not to love? I used a spelt flatbread I bought at WholeFoods a couple of weeks ago (it’s a frozen bread, so no worries about it going stale), but this would work really well with pita, too.

This is a powerhouse lunch: it’s delicious and so very green and good for you. With only the good fats (thanks to olive oil in the hummus), lots of veggies, and high in fiber, it tastes delicious and is about as heart-healthy as it gets. And–bonus!–there’s a great combo here of veggies, protein from the hummus, and carbs from the bread.

And did I mention it’s delicious?

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