Lemon Hummus

I’m pretty sure that I’m the only vegan in the world who doesn’t like hummus. I make it pretty often, mostly because my non-vegan friends love it, so when I’m having a party it’s a no-brainer. But for myself, I usually steer clear of it.

Except for lemon hummus: I love the taste of it. Something about the sweet and tart taste of lemon, and the earthier taste of the chickpeas works in my book. I could eat lemon hummus every day; other types of hummus I could go the rest of my life without eating again and wouldn’t miss them.

This is the perfect lemon hummus in my opinion: light, fresh, and sans preservatives found in store-bought hummus. (I swear the preservatives change the taste.) There’s a lot of lemon here, but the chickpeas and garlic hold their own against the taste. And the rich, smooth texture makes it perfect for spreading on bread or crackers. Or try dipping celery or carrots in it. Any way you serve it, it’s a delicious–and healthy–snack.

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