Anna Leach’s Brownies

When I was a kid, Anna Leach was a central part of my weekends. As my godmother, she (along with her husband and kids) was a crucial part of our extended family. I have a whole host of memories associated with Anna: chaotic, full scenes of messy children in and out of their house or ours; my parents drinking coffee and eating sweets with Anna and David. Lots of laughter, a few tears, and some bloody knees.

But mostly, what I remember are Anna’s brownies. Not only because she made them to perfection, but because even when she wasn’t around, this became my mom’s go-to brownie recipe. And it’s perfect as a go-to: it’s a somewhat basic brownie recipe (none of your fancy swirls here), but it’s packed with flavor. The rich chocolate, the gooey butter and eggs, the flaky top…basic perfection.

I haven’t seen Anna Leach in years. Both the Leaches and my family moved around a lot, and at some point during my early adulthood, our families fell out of touch. But I think of her every time I make these, and so in honor of Anna, I give you her brownie recipe.


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