Almond Drizzle Cookies

This past Sunday in New York, we had rain. Lots of rain. And when it wasn’t raining? It was drizzling. Which was ok, because it  meant I had an excuse to stay in my warm kitchen and bake. And here’s what I came up with: sweet, simple almond cookies with a drizzle of chocolate in honor of the weather. And also because what cookie isn’t better with chocolate drizzle?

These are little piles of delight. Obviously, from the title and ingredients, you can guess that almond is the predominant flavor here. The vanilla and whole wheat flour make a nice foundation for the almond, as well: both offer a hearty, earthy taste that complements the rounded flavors of almond. And canola oil lends buttery notes to the whole thing, though it’s healthier than actual butter.

These are crumbly cookies; eat them over a plate or resign yourself to crumbs everywhere! If you absolutely had to have a more cohesive dough, you could add a tablespoon of water, but I like them as is.