Carrot Dijon Soup

As you’ve already figured out, I’m somewhat obsessed with soups. But as you might not know, I’m more-than-somewhat obsessed with mustard. Of all varieties: Dijon, whole-seed, even the fake orangey stuff that’s named after one of my favorite European languages. Slap mustard on something, and I’m a happy girl.

This soup will make even the non-mustard-obsessed happy. The sweet carrots and onions combined with the tang and heat of the Dijon mustard…A heady combination.

Like with the chocolate-coconut mousse I posted a few weeks ago, this recipe has so few ingredients that quality is of the utmost importance. I used Peju’s Sweet Garlic Mustard, though I had a hard time deciding between that and their Tequila and Jalapeno Mustard. As I made it, the soup turned out divinely sweet, but I can’t wait to try a hotter version with the T&J mustard soon.