Lemon Cookies – With a Variation

Tuesday was my friend A’s birthday, and I wanted to bake her a little birthday present. I was torn between light, flaky lemon cookies and tried-and-true chocolate chip cookies. After all, spring is around the corner, which brings visions of bright citrus flavors to me. But who doesn’t want chocolate on their birthday? So I compromised. And, as a result, I get to bring you two recipes in one today.

These cookies taste buttery, despite the absence of butter in the recipe. The lemon goes well with the richness of the cookie, and it’s not overpowering. While there’s no question that these are lemon cookies, they don’t hit you over the head with it. All in all, these are great for afternoon tea or just snacking on.

Because I don’t believe that a birthday can be truly happy without chocolate, I added chocolate chips to half of the batter. I know, I know–lemon and chocolate chips?! Sounds weird, but trust me, it works here. (Note that I added 1/4 cup to half of the batter; the amount noted in the recipe is for adding chips to the entire batter.) The cookie is light enough, and the taste of the lemon subtle enough, that the chocolate neither overpowers nor competes. Instead, the deep chocolate flavor complements the sweet lemon cookies.

Whether with chocolate chips or without, these are cookies I’d be happy to eat, any day of the year. And I was proud to give these; I’m pretty sure they made a good birthday present.