Vegetables Wellington

The inspiration for this–as you can probably guess–came from the traditional Beef Wellington dish that involves meat and puff pastry. But the end result of this doesn’t really resemble BW except in name. Instead, this is a light dish, fresh and sweet.

I used puff pastry shells as opposed to wrapping the puff pastry myself, mostly because my local store was out of traditional puff pastry and I didn’t have time to traipse around from store to store. But the upshot was that I realized how incredibly easy the puff pastry shells make a dish like this: bake, cut off the top, scoop in the filling, bake some more. Easy as puff pastry shells.

The filling is, of course, the star of this dish. Last week at the store, I picked up a can of white beans despite having no idea what to do with them. I love black beans, and use them at least once a week in a dish. It’s also not uncommon for me to use red kidney beans or pinto beans. But white beans? Other than the occasional minestrone, I don’t think I’ve ever cooked them. Which is why I bought a can.

In this dish, the beans work perfectly: their taste is not overpowering, and works well with the carrots and mushrooms. And the wine. Did I mention I have an love of cooking with wine? I probably didn’t need to point that out; I’ve made it fairly obvious. Anyway, the combo of wine-veggies-beans is fresh and airy, complemented by the sage and black pepper.

Wellingtons are usually used as a main course, but since I have been using pastry shells, these servings are smaller. They’d make a good side dish, or even an hor d’oeuvre, which is why this recipe makes 12 servings. For a main dish, you’d need two or three, or you’d need to use puff pastry sheets and create a larger version.