Vegan Walnut Brownies

I hesitated to call these “Vegan Walnut Brownies,” because (though they are vegan) they are also just down-home good. Like, ridiculously good. Like, how-can-vegan-be-this-good good. So, I almost just titled them “walnut brownies,” but then, afraid that it would be too easy to miss the fact that they’re vegan, I added “vegan” to the front.

But stop imagining whatever you imagine when you think of vegan baked goods. Seriously. These are rich and chocolatey, soft and cake-like, but with an added crunch of walnuts. (Yep, I’m getting along with the New Year’s Resolution police.) They aren’t as dense as egg-based brownies, but they miss nothing on taste.

This recipe is for a small batch; enough for a 9×9 pan. Since I live alone, I prefer to do small batches of things. Even so, I cut 9 healthy-sized brownies from this recipe, plenty for most families. And the angle of these photos make it look like there aren’t many walnuts in there; in fact, there ended up being 4-5 pieces of walnut (and I kept them pretty large) in each brownie.

So the next time you’re out of eggs, this is a great alternative to running to the store to pick up more. (And if you’re anything like me, you’d want to make brownies after the stores are closed, anyway.)