Double Chocolate Cookies

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I start dreaming about chocolate. Ok, ok, I’m always thinking about chocolate, V-Day or not. But what else says love like the rich taste of cocoa? Is there an aphrodisiac as obvious and universal as chocolate?

These cookies are decadent. Dark, dark chocolate flavor plus chocolate chips sprinkled throughout–it’s like a chocolate explosion going off in your mouth. Full, completely, unbelievably delicious. I could fall into these cookies and die a happy woman. But here’s the secret: they’re actually pretty good for you. Between the whole wheat flour (full of fiber), the darkness of the chocolate (hello, antioxidants), and the use of canola oil (instead of butter), these have lots of health benefits. And what a lovely way to tell your valentine that you want him/her around for a long time!

I’m a big fan of large cookies. Whenever a recipe calls for tablespoon-sized batter balls, I put down at least three times that. If a recipe says it’ll make 20 cookies, you can bet I’ll get only 8 out of it. I love biting into a cookie the size of my hand. But the intense flavor of these cookies encouraged me to make them smaller. For once, I actually put tablespoon-sized pieces of cookie dough on the pan. I’m glad I did, too; just one of these (ok, maybe two) is enough chocolate for a while. (And by “a while,” I mean half an hour.) But I think if I’d made them larger, it would’ve been a little too rich for one cookie.

Whether your valentine is yourself or someone else, bake these this month. Everyone deserves a little chocolate love.