Mushroom Wine Sauce with Whole Wheat Linguine

I’m always surprised when an episode of cupboard cooking (that is, cooking with the odds and ends left over from other recipes) turns out a recipe that is as delicious as this one is. I shouldn’t be surprised; some of my favorite recipes started out as cupboard cooking experiments before being promoted to staples. But still, I am pleasantly shocked every time.

I had some leftover baby bella mushrooms and they are, obviously, the focus of this dish. They give this dish a dark, meaty taste that works so well with the whole wheat linguine. The garlic and onion bring out the earthy tones of the pasta and mushrooms, and the whole thing is rounded out with the light flavors of white wine and fresh parsley.

This is a hearty dish, one that’s perfect for these winter days. It has a full flavor that fills you up without making you feel heavy; in fact, I whipped this up for lunch one day, and discovered it kept me going without making me sleepy (as a lot of “hearty” winter dishes do).

I didn’t have very many mushrooms, so this recipe only makes two servings. Granted, the servings are generous, but feel free to double or triple it for a larger group.