Mushroom Gravy

Granted, I haven’t eaten gravy since I was a preteen, but I’m convinced this is as good as meat gravy. It doesn’t taste the exact same–we’re talking mushrooms here, people, not meat scraps–but it stands on its own as a delicious sauce.

I use crimini mushrooms, which are sometimes called baby bella mushrooms because of their similar taste to portabella mushrooms. Both portabella and crimini have a deep, meaty flavor, and the crimini here give this gravy a rich taste. Mashed potatoes (or cauliflower), biscuits, even baked potatoes–there’s a ton of dishes that make great company with this gravy.

I really like my gravy thick and chunky. If you like yours thinner, add more broth; for smoother gravy, blend longer. The trick is to make it yours.