Green Goddess Soup

Right off the bat I should say that this has no relationship to the salad dressing. But it will make you feel like a goddess. For those of us still recovering from the holidays, this makes a great detox soup. And for those of us not interested in detox, it still tastes delicious.

The center of this soup is the asparagus and spinach, so if you don’t like those, I definitely don’t recommend this. I happen to love both of them, particularly spinach; there are about a gazillion ways to cook it. Almost all of them are scrumptious. Plus, it’s full of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium and iron, both important for every woman (and man, too, but hey, this is goddess soup). And did I mention scrumptious?

The greens in this soup gives it a fresh, green taste. For winter, I use veggie stock, which makes it hearty and warm. And if, like me, you’re using store-bought stock, you don’t have to add salt. (Even low-sodium commercial stocks are seasoned enough to avoid it.) If I made this in spring or summer, I’d probably just use water instead of stock. That would make it taste lighter and more warm-weather appropriate, but the addition of salt and/or pepper would be a necessity.

I don’t cook the soup very long after I put the spinach in. This keeps it from completely wilting, but takes it just to the point where it gets soft and pliable. And keeping the asparagus tips until the end keeps them from getting too soggy, as well.

I could see this soup being really good with cilantro instead of sage; it would have more of a southwest flair. And if you have sour cream around, add a spoonful to each bowl. I could go on all day–I’m sure there are endless variations. If you’ve got an idea, share it in the comments!