Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Maybe because the NFL playoffs are in full swing (and the Super Bowl is right around the corner), but I’ve been craving snack foods: chips, crudite, warm dips.

I don’t eat spinach and artichoke dip very often; I’m usually drawn to other football-season snacks, and lament the fact that the large quantity of cheese in most spinach-artichoke dips render the taste of the spinach and artichoke non-existent. But I had a craving a few days ago. So I left out the cheese (except cream cheese), which kept the taste of the veggies from being overpowered. It also made it a little healthier.

The garlic is the other predominant flavor here; it offsets the fresh taste of the veggies. Meanwhile, the cream cheese and walnuts create a beautiful contrast of textures: creamy and crunchy in perfect balance. And whether you have it hot out of the oven (my favorite way) or cold; whether with chips or carrot sticks, the end result is both delicious and down-home yum. A great comfort food for those of us whose teams didn’t make the playoffs, and something to munch on between cheers for those whose teams did.